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 First, and in almost every instance, we recommend chiropractic to better help the body communicate with the brain. We work with the energy/chi/life force/electrical system of the body, addressing the root cause instead of chasing symptoms. People sometimes find chiropractic because they have a symptom; they stay because not only do their symptoms resolve, they experience a better quality of life! Babies that get checked have the opportunity to have a whole lifetime of wellness!

Technically trained in Diversified, Dr. Steve has taken hundreds of hours of post-grad classes in different techniques, so he describes his style as "Steve's Technique", which he customizes to each person, each visit (because you're a different person every moment!). With a practice centered around infants and children, his focus is on low-force techniques, using the same amount of pressure as you would use to test the ripeness of a peach.

Some tools in his toolbox: Cranio Sacral Technique (CST), Upper Cervical, Webster Technique, Thompson Technique, Cox Flexion-Distraction, Logan Basic, Sacro Occipital Technique (SOT) and SOT Cranial, Advanced Muscle Palpation, and Arno Burnier's MLS. He also does no-force techniques, such as Bio-Geometric Integration (BGI).

As we see pregnant women and children, X-Rays are not performed on site. We can read any films you bring us or have expert labs we can refer you to. In addition to performing an exhaustive neurologic,  orthopedic, and postural exam, we use temperature and muscle tension to measure the health of the nervous system of your body. 

Dr. Steve is known as a Vitalistic chiropractor. While we see the value in supplemental things such as massage, pillows, ultrasound, electric stimulation, and physical therapy, we spend our time making sure we are the best CHIROPRACTOR you will ever see. We will happily provide you with referrals for talented people who can't do what we do.

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   Lifestyle Advice

Trust your body again!

Health is your divine birthright and it is the state your body is always trying to maintain or get back to. It is not easy to move past the societal norms of quieting symptoms. We have had over two decades of learning how to listen to the body and how to respond to it's whispers before it has to scream to get attention. It may not make sense initially, but everything is connected - your posture, your thoughts, your hobbies, your job, your food, your stress level, your childhood... they all have a huge impact on your health. Wherever you are on your health journey, we would love to assist you.

You are invited to attend our free "Third Thursday Talks", which occur each month on the third Thursday from 7-8pm. We discuss a variety of topics surrounding vitality, chiropractic, and anything we see popping up in current events or common threads affecting many patients in the office. Bring any health questions you may have! 

     Nutrition and Exercises

 In treating the whole person, we like to address all of your bodies - Physical, Energetic, Emotional and Mental. Dr. Steve is a gym rat and loves talking weightlifting and breaking down anatomy and physiology. He is certified Reiki Level II and his wife, Jenn, is a Reiki Master and yoga teacher. We also share info on essential oils, supplements, healing herbs, and crystals that support the systems of the body. Our goal is to help every patient achieve a fulfilling and happy lifestyle full of the activities they enjoy most. We recognize that each of our patients is a whole person, and toreach true health and wellness is a collaborative effort.

     Spinal & Postural Screenings

We think the world would be a better place if everyone felt better! We provide free posture and spinal health screenings to the Naperville community: area stores, community events, health fairs, and places of employment. Be the reason someone experiences fantastic health - contact us today to arrange a screening at your event or workplace!

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